How the Team Works

- How the Team Works Together -

Every challenge includes many different aspects, and any or all of these may need to be addressed. Thoughts, feelings, biochemistry, neurology, and the subtle energy systems of the body are all involved in any issue in life. Each is related to all the others.  Working on one often affects the others. We address the spiritual and energetic aspects of a problem. This may have a profound positive affect on emotions and mental health, as well as the physical health of the body. When energy is balanced, all avenues of living are enhanced and challenges are more easily and quickly resolved. 

In helping earth, the “big picture” is usually the focus of attention.  We may be working on issues involving earth’s water, atmosphere, movement (such as volcanoes or earthquakes), or particular issues such as air pollution, oil spills, endangered species, poverty and illness, etc.  Anything that is troubling the planet may be on our agenda.  See Healing For Earth for more information on this aspect of the work, which is often done with a team of co-workers.  

The team may work on specific individuals but emphasizes work on team members themselves to help them be all that they can be.  They have grown exponentially in the process!

Most of the work being done at this time involves working with the big picture and the causes of disease.  However, since this may include work with individuals,  we address questions concerning this as well. 

Creative Energy Healing is intended to promote and support the body's natural healing ability and, in general, can be used for just about anything. However, there are some things that may be serving a spiritual purpose and thus will probably not respond to healing. Fortunately, we can usually tell when this is the case and will not accept an invitation to work under those circumstances. Another possible limitation is the individual’s desire to heal. We can balance energy to allow healing powers to work, but individuals must make the choice to be part of the healing process.

Here are some examples of the things Creative Energy Healing may be used to promote and support. Many of them have been worked on by Mo and the partners and are available to you just by your saying, "I want irrefutable M.infinity.Os." (more information on the Downloads & Learning page)

  • Relief from anxiety 
  • Managing depression and bipolar illness 
  • Help with habitual behaviors 
  • Supporting healing and recovery from physical illnesses 
  • Changing negative beliefs about self
  • Increasing concentration and the ability to focus 
  • Stress reduction 
  • Relief of suffering from chronic pain 
  • Spiritual growth 
  • Increasing the connection with Higher Power 
  • Assisting in dying 
  • Resistance to changing

What are Mo and her co-workers doing and experiencing when they are working with an individual or helping the planet?

When the partners meet together, the dolphins often come through to help determine what to work on.  Some members channel helpful information related to a topic and then we work together to create the needed "I want" intention statements.  The "I" refers to the group, with Mo as its spokesperson making the request.  Mo puts the statements in order and then asks permission to say each one.  She also asks if she should "just ask" or ask a particular unseen helper to support the work.  After she says the statement, guidance spontaneously comes through her, and sometimes others in the group.  Sounding is common, and gestures, body movements rhythmic breathing and electricity coming through the hand (or for some, other areas of their body) may occur. 

When Mo and her co-workers ask for intentions to be manifested, they are witnessing it as it occurs and trying to facilitate the work of Higher Power by simply allowing Spirit to use the physical body to accomplish their work.  They are never in what would be considered a deep trance, but are always totally present and aware during the process.  Mo or her co-workers may be spontaneously yawning, tearing or sneezing to facilitate the process that allows the body to heal itself.

What is "Modian energy" and how is it different from that of a shaman or other energy healer?

Our etheric bodies are the fields of energy around us that contain our soul and our memory of this and other lifetimes.  There are many different types of energies that are possible in our etheric bodies.  Most people have just one or two but you might have several.  You may also have one or more that are currently inactive.  Some people have the strengths of all of them available.  These energy types don’t usually change during a lifetime, but they might.  The energy heritage types we know of are Abraham, Atlantean, Chrisalis, Christos, Galactic, Kabbala, Mayan-Aztec, Melchizedek, Modian, Naya, Native American, Pleiadian, A Primitive and Viking.  Her energy heritage began as Viking and Modian with Native American and primitive energies coming through her as well. Although many team members have these energies, some members of the team have other energies that come through them. 

The Modian energy heritage appears to be related to that of the Sangoma, who are mostly female healers/diviners of South Africa, and also the Kahuna of Hawaii.  Rev. Dr. Barbara Mallory thinks of the development of Creative Energy Healing as a new, forward-looking evolution of these traditions, enabling "future healing of the planet, its life forms and ancestors."  Thus, she suggested that we name this energy after the Hebrew word for “harbinger” (modia) and the energy came to be called Modian (Mo’-dee-in).  You might think of the word “shaman” and the word “Modian” as two labels under one heading—“people with unusual gifts.”  

Modian energy types have full availability of records and information, even in the multidimensional domain. They also have access to many dimensions simultaneously--and the accompanying responsibility.  This allows them to heal the planet and multidimensional issues that can be baffling to other healers.  

Who is the Higher Power that you work with?

There are many terms, but we prefer the term Higher Power to describe the divine universal consciousness of Oneness. Mo has direct access to this consciousness and has many guides who work with her as a team of spiritual helpers.  Occasionally she calls on a particular helper to assist with an issue. The unseen helpers are described under About Mo and Partners.