Healing for Earth

- Healing For Earth -

The big picture the Energy Healing Partners team has been involved with has been the creation of a new energy grid that makes possible the evolution of a new paradigm.  Many others have helped, and for that we are deeply grateful.  Mo has done most of the water and earth movement work alone, but all the rest has been done with other dowsers, healers and intuitives—all seeking absolutely 100% truth and all volunteering their time, energy and special gifts for the highest good of all.

Since June of 2011, one of our major projects has been earth’s water.  Mo has traveled over 100,000 miles, mostly in the northeast (some along the Atlantic coast and in the southeast), healing every river, lake or stream along the way, and we hope even more than that.  The days were exhausting—the nights short.   We believe it has all been part of a spiritually guided master plan to help earth shift to a new paradigm that will allow it to move forward.  More recent travels have taken Mo on daily trips around Vermont and New Hampshire.  We're not sure what guidance is healing but we noticed in a recent television report that Vermont is the state where you are least likely to get the flu!

Another project has been modifying the destructive forces of nature such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, etc.  When we stop a natural disaster from happening or reduce its negative consequences, there is no evidence that something positive has been accomplished, but here is an anecdote that gives us a clue.  One day Mo's guides told her to watch CNN on television at 4:00 in the afternoon.  She knew they wanted to communicate something because she is never guided to watch the news, especially in the afternoon.  The story guidance pointed out to her was about a tornado hitting Hattiesburg, MS.  CNN was interviewing those who lost their homes and the only comment people could make was how lucky they were that no one was hurt!  They were so relieved and kept saying, "This can all be replaced!"  Mo's tearful reaction told her something was working!

Another suggestion of our doing something helpful is that one day Mo dowsed that an area in Alaska needed stabilizing, which she did.  Within a week, the earthquake threat level for that area and a neighboring area was reduced.  Reports like these spur us on.  We only wish we had more time to connect all the stabilizing work we have done with the earthquake magnitudes reported.  When Mo dowses them, she usually gets that a 6.5 magnitude earthquake could have been an 8 or more.

Mo continues to work on preventing major disasters of  volcanic eruptions and also earthquakes, with only dowsing by co-workers to confirm we have had a positive effect.  We have faith that the work we do has helped the planet.

If you want to help, there are several ways you can participate.  Let us know if you are interested in joining the volunteers on the Energy Healing Partners team.  Give us your contact information and we’ll keep you as up-to-date as we can on what we’re doing.  You can ask for all the work being done to support improved health for you by saying, “I want irrefutable M∞Os (M.infinity.Os).”

And, of course, your financial contributions are greatly appreciated.  Energy Healing Partners, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation so your contribution is tax deductible.  Please give as much as you can.  See How You Can Help. Click here to make a donation.