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What's Going On?
Maintaining the Integrity of Your Energy Field

Mo Wheeler (2015)

Have you ever felt blocked in your progress and wondered, “What’s going on?” This 105-page book can be downloaded or purchased here. The center section is designed to be used as a resource to learn about the many possible ways your work may be blocked. Contains excellent tips on how you can be a clear and reliable dowser.

Energy Healing Partners YouTube Channel

Manifesting Through Sound

 1st Video - Healing Earth's Water - Mo Wheeler;  Video Co-creator, Voice-Over and Drums – Peter Champoux
    Introduction to the video and Intention Statements (4 pages) Earth's Water - 18 minutes
Includes Healing the Heart Mind, Healing Earth's Water and the Spirit Dance 

 2nd Video - Healthy Aging - Mo Wheeler
    Introduction to the video and Intention Statements (2 pages)
 Aging - 23 minutes
Includes one statement intentions for: Water Healing, Well Being, Healing the Heart Mind, Healthy Aging, the Immune System Upgrade and Healing Post-traumatic Stress 

 3rd Video - Intentions to Heal the Felt Need for Stimulants  - Mo Wheeler
      Introduction to the video and Intention Statements (4 pages) Stimulants - 22 minutes
Includes addiction to Nicotine Caffeine 

4th Video - Intentions to Heal Anxiety  - Mo Wheeler
     Introduction to the video and Intention Statements (3 pages)
 for Anxiety - 12 minutes
There are many conditions that include or bring about feelings of anxiety.  These intentions are designed only to address the generalized concept of feeling persistent or excessive anxiety, regardless of whether any phobias, obsessions or compulsions are also present.

5th Video - Intentions to Support Healing for Viruses and Cancer  - Mo Wheeler
      Introduction to the video and Intention Statements(4 pages)
 for Healing Viruses and Cancer - 19 minutes
Viruses and cancer are so related we believe they can be considered together.  This is not intended as medical advice or as a substitute for professional medical care.   It is a short, but equally valid, version of the 244 statements that we have also developed.

6th Video - Intentions for Healing Depression  - Mo Wheeler
     Introduction to the video and Intention Statements (5 pages) Depression - 5 minutes
We have used many of these intentions to heal depression with beneficial results.  Comments included feeling more grounded, less anxious, more comfortable on the planet, and having more organized thinking, better expression of emotions, better sleep, and being more realistic about abilities.

7th Video - Intentions to Support Healing for Osteoporosis  - Mo Wheeler
      Introduction to the video and Intention Statements(4 pages)
          www./ for Healing Osteoporosis - 11 minutes
This video is intended to support healing for osteoporosis, a disease that causes bones to become weak and prone to fracture .  It is not intended as medical advice or as a substitute for professional medical care.

 8th Video - Intentions to Support Healing for the Use of Opioids  - Mo Wheeler
       Introduction to the video and Intention Statements (3 pages) for Healing the Use of Opioids - 14 minutes
This category of addictive substances include Heroin, Oxycontin, and other pain relievers.

9th Video - Intentions to Support Healing for Chronic Sinusitis  - Mo Wheeler
      Introduction to the video and Intention Statement (1 page)
          www./ for Healing Chronic Sinusitis - 2 minutes
Chronic Sinusitis is a common disorder and may last for a brief time or persist for months or longer.  It can be brought on by many issues:  an infection or the common cold, a virus, or an allergic reaction to something in the environment.


Mo and her co-workers are available to present at meetings or for all-day/weekend workshops.  Contact Mo for additional information and to schedule a time.   Possible programs:    Meet the Challenge of Reliable Dowsing, Dowsing Techniques to Expand Your Repertoire, Widen Your World by Becoming a Multidimensional Human, Upgrading Your Immune System, Sweet Dreams:  How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep, Bring in Your DNA for a 60,000 Year Check Up, Windows to the Soul.  – Knowing the energy heritage of your soul can open many windows of learning: understanding and appreciating who you are, knowing your strengths and the areas of difficulty in your path, relating to others different from you, and making choices that further the journey of your soul through time.


1. Dowsing: More Than Finding Water (1 page)

4. Communicating with Higher Power for More Effective Assistance (7 pages)

Find out how to program communications so that they are for the highest good, word intention statements, and much more to help you effectively co-create with Higher Power.

5. Reliability Means Credibility (2 pages)

Learn how to be a more reliable dowser. 

6. Tips for Reliable Dowsing (3 pages)

And More Tips.

7. The “Less-Than-a-Minute” Clarity Steps (1 page)

This is a one-page handout to remind you what the steps are for this popular and easy to use method.

8. The “Less-Than-a-Minute” Clarity Steps (4 pages)

Here the five steps are described in more detail.

9. Easy Energy Fixes (6 pages)

This article is designed to help you find the best way to correct your own energy for a specific purpose.

10. Consensus Dowsing to Achieve Truth (2 pages)

Includes a list of eleven reasons why dowsers might disagree.  Resolving these issues often leads to higher order changes.

11. Becoming a Multidimensional Human (3 pages)

As we expand our energy to include more dimensions and become more complex, we are entering a new world of multidimensionality.  These changes can impact what we see, how we sleep and what is best for us to eat. 

12. Dowsers Helping Science (1 page)

We believe dowsers can make a valuable contribution to the knowledge of science.  These questions can be used to guide you along the way.

13. Energy Heritage Types (2 pages)

2 page version here.

As part of Mo’s journey, she was led to develop a theory of different types of energy people have from the heritage of their souls ages ago.  Learn your own energy heritage and how you can discover its strengths as well as its limitations.

We apologize that at the present time, Mo’s book—Doorways: Discovering the Strengths of Your Energy Heritage—is not available due to undergoing extensive re-writing.  Use the contact form with your snail mail address to request a 14 page version. 

15.Upgrade the Immune System (3 pages)

This handout gives you two statements to ask for the immune system upgrade. 

16. Upgrading the Immune System Through Multiple Composite Frequencies (10 pages)

Since 2012, the intentions to upgrade the immune system have been expanded for completion and permanence.  A research study is explained in the article.  

17. Creating Intention Statements That Work (3 pages)

How to make effective intention statements and then work with them.

17A. Working with Intention Statements (2 pages)
18. An Adaptation to Living Systems Theory (9 pages)

James Miller’s Living Systems Theory (1978), seems to be a computer analogy to how everything works.  In 2004, Mo expanded her journey into the realm of computer science with this adaptation of Miller’s work. 

19. Introduction to The DVD Healing Earth's Water (4 pages)

This is the text to introduce the DVD (YouTube link above), with the intention statements.

20. The Spirit Dance (2 pages)

Sitting Bull visited the Energy Healing Partners Team and encouraged the re-writing of the Lakota Ghost Dance to bring it up-to-date with modern times.  Mo reads the intentions and then the Native American energies come through her to make the request in a language that Spirit will understand and be able to manifest.  It is available on the DVD, Manifesting Through Sound.

 “I want irrefutable M∞Os.”