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Mo Wheeler works with many individuals in a team approach to divining and healing.  The handouts on Consensus Dowsing and Reliability Means Credibility  describe how the team works together for the highest good of all.  We work with a variety of unseen helpers and more are appearing at every meeting we have. 


Unseen Partners

Unseen helpers seem to be part of who Mo is and come through her on a regular basis.  Some of them wanted to be in the aura photo that was taken of her:


Across the top, green, from left to right: Dolphins (original Atlantean), Q (fresh water dolphins called “Botos” in Brazil), group photo of living beings with souls that includes some animals, fish, and trees.

[Aura photo by Belle Star – www.BelleStar.net]

The first to come forward were crocodile energies in 2007.  They have come forward because they realized humans are destroying their home and they need to help us move forward to save both our home and theirs.  They do not speak a language Mo can understand, but Mo makes the sounds of it.  Today the crocodiles mainly come through Mo to participate by helping with clearing of negative energies.

When the dolphins started coming through Mo, she welcomed their playful presence and sounds.  As time passed, the dolphins started learning a few English words, such as “Hello,” “Oh boy!” and were very proud when they could honor Mo’s half-Italian heritage by saying, “Mum-ma mia!”  They can’t make the “g” sound for “Good-bye,” so they repeat “Hello” to say, “Until next time” when parting. The dolphins communicate through what they call “sound-sign,” using hand movements combined with sounds to make a point.  Mo works with many types of dolphin energy—some are the original dolphins from Atlantis and others are Boto dolphins and other dolphin energies that are not actually in the ocean at this time.

Another energy helper is the crystalline energy called Saruz.  It was channeled when they first came in that Saruz helpers were here to promote ascension of both light and dark—or to stay as you are.  We have worked with them to encourage them to be absolutely 100% pure, but still when we call on their help, we ask “Saruz of absolutely 100% pure light” for their incredible help.

You may have heard of Kryon who channels to Lee Carroll, and that energy is often present in our work.  Some have seen this huge being appear behind Mo in public appearances.  Kryon is part of a group of helpers that is full spectrum light and some are bigger than most of our houses.

Illuminati of absolutely 100% pure light have also helped the Energy Healing Partners team.  The illuminati were the original Modian energy.  The illuminati helpers we work with are absolutely 100% pure and with access to “all that is” are incredibly helpful in working with medical and scientific information.

We also have helpers from the angelic realms—some archangels and some humans who are now serving as angels.  We have worked to help them all be absolutely 100% pure light and really appreciate their contribution to the work.  They are helpers of few words but the words are on target and insightful.

Religious helpers have also appeared, such as N helpers who are Buddhist energies, Jesus, and even YHVH ("yah-way").  We are always honored by their presence, as we are by all the unseen helpers, including those from other planets and other universes.  When the group gets together to work, the room is crowded!  Those humans who are clairvoyant often report on the arrival of new helpers and the cheering of support from those who have been listening in.

Rev. Mary “Mo” Wheeler, Ph.D.


Personal statement from the founder of Energy Healing Partners

My journey has been a continuing flow of one life event into another, growing on each other and transforming the nature of my reality. At this moment of the adventure, I am ready to launch into the next stage of work—uniting science and spirituality to work together for the highest good of all.

My life experiences have prepared me for the tasks at hand.  Professionally, I was a licensed psychologist for 23 years. Other highlights of my professional career include:

  • Education: B.A. from Smith College; M.Ed. and Ph.D. from Georgia State University
  • Author of
    • Creative Energy Therapy: The Lightworker’s Guide to Healing
    • What’s Going On? Maintaining the Integrity of Your Energy Field
    • Doorways: Reclaiming the Strengths of Your Energy Heritage (Revision in progress)
  • Creator of the Early Recollection Technique (See her chapter in Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy, Fred P. Gallo, Ed.)
  • Certified in Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods (EDxTM) and Clinical Hypnosis; trained in TFT, EFT, TAT, BSFF, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, Theta Healing, and Allergy Antidotes
  • Represented the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) on the Council for Healing
  • Psychology Faculty of Western Carolina University for six years
  • Co-Author of The Basis-A Inventory and accompanying technical and interpretive manuals
  • Ordained minister

See Mo's complete vita.

My personal journey has been a series of what I have now come to think of as "guided learning experiences." I have come to believe that I chose them before I reincarnated into this lifetime, and that each has had its purpose in the overall plan for the purpose of this incarnation. The major ones have been:

  • My parents had a 60 year relationship and brought three children into the world.  Dad was an Italian immigrant and the oldest in his family; all he seemed to want was to fit in and be an American.  Mom was also the oldest, loved being a mother and gave us all unconditional love.  We were truly blessed.
  • The birth of two sons who have taught me the meaning of being a mother. The younger one died at the age of 3-1/2, teaching me about life and letting go and the transition called death.
  • Training in the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, who emphasized the uniqueness of each person, that people should be considered in a holistic manner, and that we feel a sense of oneness with the community of all life and contribute to its well-being. This was a good fit for what I believe.
  • My ex-husband and I being the founding co-directors of The Mountain Retreat and Learning Centers, in Highlands, NC (celebrating its 40th anniversary). It was a wonderful journey, teaching me that I could make a significant contribution to the lives of many people.
  • A divorce after 22 years of marriage, teaching me the principle that we all really do the best we can at any given time, and sometimes our journey takes us elsewhere.
  • My first 13,500 mile motorcycle tour across the United States and Canada (by myself) in 1986, teaching me the joy of meeting others along the way and helping me feel confident and a part of the goodness and beauty of our world.
  • The motorcycle accident in 1987 that almost ended my life, but just left me with a lot of arthritis, teaching me where our priorities ought to be and how to overcome physical obstacles along the way.
  • Training in the field of energy psychology that introduced me to an entirely new approach to solving individual challenges. I developed my intuitive abilities and learned that I could channel the healing of Higher Power.
  • Being elected the first female president of the Rotary Club of Highlands, NC, and leading them to win their first “Best Large Club in the District” award.
  • Various soul mates who have joined me along the way, bringing both laughter and sorrow into my life, teaching me about the agreements we make to be in each other’s lives.
  • Becoming a grandmother to two wonderful children, teaching me the true reward of our parenting efforts!
  • The gift of Modian energy that has given purpose to my life and helped me know that we are all dearly loved.  I was not aware of this unusual energy until I turned 60; it has continued to evolve over the past 15 years.
  • Learning that I am, according to channeling to me, "a spirit who has chosen to come into a human body to help humanity and earth." The journey continues, and now is dedicated to helping earth and its inhabitants.

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