Energy Healing Partners, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the promotion of Creative Energy Healing through partnership with Higher Power. Our mission is to promote this healing partnership for the well-being of individuals, groups, and planet Earth through energy healing, education, networking, scientific research, and providing resources for those who can’t afford healing.   Mary "Mo" Wheeler, Ph.D., founded the organization in 2004 and still serves as its Executive Director.  

We invite comments on our new logo, (at the top of each page), which represents our work at the level of particles.  The two dots on the right side represent particles we have added to make all circles longer than wide—giving them the creative effect of a battery.  Pi is still measured as the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter.  It is still an irrational and transcendental number, but with the addition of a couple particles, the circle is now invincible to interference.  And the ball still rolls!  

Our Purpose

To Promote Healing Partnership

What is healing? We believe that all healing comes from partnership with Higher Power. We believe Higher Power wants to guide us in our energy healing and growth processes, and we promote open communication between individuals and their Higher Power. This communication, along with the individual’s desire to change, allows the person to draw upon his or her own healing potential. 

We believe that healing is an individual matter; each person is on his or her own path, and that path may dictate that it is not time for energy healing. We honor and respect each person’s journey. Only when individuals choose to heal themselves and allow the love of Higher Power to flow through them are they able to heal. 

Healing does not mean the same thing as curing, although both may occur. We recognize that healing is not a substitute for conventional health care, and we encourage the integration of our work into comprehensive, holistic care of the individual. 

We do not embrace any particular religious tradition, but rather encourage individuals to pursue whatever religion meets their needs. We believe there are many valid approaches to religious beliefs and practices, and that miracles can occur in all religions.

To Promote Education

Our purpose includes the training of individuals who desire to work in partnership with Higher Power, as well as educating the general public concerning healing energy. Healing energy comes in many forms, and we recognize the healing potential of many types of energy. Healing energy clears, energizes, restores harmony, and balances the energy field.

Healers who work in conjunction with Energy Healing Partners, Inc., function with the utmost integrity and commitment. As practitioners of energy healing modalities, they offer help to those who seek healing, as well as to those Higher Power gives permission to heal. This can include animals, plants, water, forests, the environment, countries, and the whole earth. We promote strategies for personal and global healing and health and enhanced quality of life. 

We also strive to educate the world regarding the potential benefits of partnering with Higher Power. We acknowledge that learning takes place in many formats and contexts, including publications, workshops, conferences, public appearances, and products which promote healing and well being.

To Promote Scientific Research

We encourage research which studies and furthers the healing benefits of partnering with Higher Power and the affects on our health and well being. This support may take the form of providing assistance to related research through supervision of a project, financial support for a project, or providing statistical information and advice to further the quality of a study. 

To Provide Charitable Resources

We want those who are underprivileged to have the same access to healing as others. Through scholarships and other philanthropic services we hope to make healing energy available to all who wish to use it.